It’s What You Make of It

While camping in the Grand Canyon, we had an epic thunderstorm.  Lightning seemed to be right at us and rain was so bad that our camp was flooded.  What was beautiful flat rock became a river.  We actually had to move our tents because they would have been washed away, with us in it.  The only clothes I had which were going to be dry and clean were soaked and covered with all types of minerals.

Many people probably would not have been too happy after this, but our group just packed up and when the rain finally stopped made breakfast.  Then we got on our way, albeit wet, we got to see about 40 amazing waterfalls that day which would not have been “active” had it not rained like that.  We experienced one of the most memorable moments of our lives, before 7:00.  And we laughed about it for the rest of our time.

As long as you’re truly living life, things will come up.  Events will never go as planned, nor should they even be fully planned.  Cars break down, weather opens up, other people change their mind, and a million other things.  You can respond by moping around saying “why me” or by laughing and enjoying the fact that you’re living.  One choice is way better than the other, but way too often people choose the moping.  

It’s what you make of it.  Make it something to laugh about and let it remind you that you’re living. 



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