Why Have Expectations?

Do you have a big event, or trip, or project, or anything big coming up?  What are your expectations?  So many times we fall into this trap of wanting things to go a certain way, and subsequently expecting such whether we mean to or not.  Expectations are great if it’s something (hopefully) trivial like driving to the airport, you need to be there by a certain time, account for things like traffic, and it is hopefully without notable events.  But if it’s something like a vacation, or a big date, really notice where your mind goes as far as expectations for that.

When we already have in our head how it will go, or even how we want it to go, it limits us.  Setting expectations is like being a horse with blinders on, we can only go towards and away from our goal and we’ll miss a whole lot of other opportunities when we do that.  Instead I encourage you to try on something different.  Don’t think about expectations and instead just enjoy whatever comes.  Maybe it will bring you out of your comfort zone, but that’s not a bad thing either.

Why have expectations?  What are you getting out of having them? It’s a question worth asking.  


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