Are Your Friends Collaborators?

Perhaps this is little bit of a harsh post but today I’m going to talk about victims.  Victims are people who strive to be comfortable all the time.  Victims have lists of stories for how things got to be as they are, and they are constantly looking for advice and seeking rescue.  Good days are the ones when nothing big goes wrong.  Victims are almost always busy and they will likely describe relationships as “hard.”  

Those working with me are lifted right out of the victim mindset and their lives are permanently different, but I know I have a lot of readers who don’t work with me (yet…).  So for the rest of you, I invite you to look at who is around you, and in particular who you’re being when you’re around them.  When you are with your friends, are you often venting about how things are?  Are your friends often telling you things like “hang in there the right person/job/thing will come along and everything will be ok then” or are they encouraging you to be your highest self regardless of what’s currently happening external to you?

Are your friends collaborators?  It’s very interesting to examine who you’re being around your friends and how you may want to change it.

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