Who Are You Being About the Past?

Even 12 years later, when I look at the calendar and see it’s September 11th, I get chills.  I will never forget what happened that day.  As bad as things were, we were encouraged to go back to our lives as much as possible shortly after.  Meanwhile people lined up to give blood.  Fireman everywhere held out boots and collected donations.  The country responded with unity, even just for a little bit.

We all have unfavorable things in our past.  Hopefully ours are not on a national tragedy level, but definitely we have them.  The big question is always who are we being about it?  If someone lies to us, or we get in a fender bender, or we catch a cold, we can mope around and let it bother us and wonder why me, or we can say the experience made us stronger and taught us to deal with adversity, then live even better than before. 

Who are you being about the past?  Make an empowering choice. 

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