Take Someone Better

This title originates back from when I used to play hockey.  Hockey is a physical game where confrontations often occur between two players on opposite teams.  When this happens, both players end up being ineffective for a significant amount of time, whether it’s because they’re assessed a penalty or just because they’re angry.  Nothing hurts your team more than when an opponent gets under the skin of your best player, because it diminishes his effectiveness.  It’s also extremely difficult to stop something like this when it starts, when someone is mad that they just got rammed into the boards from behind, saying “hey now take a deep breath and move on” in the moment doesn’t usually work.  

One player who I really respected used to take a different approach.  When someone was mad and wanting to react, he would shout out “take someone better” when he saw a teammate about to cross the line.  That’s essentially saying “You are better than he is and we need you.  If you and him leave the game, that hurts us way more than it hurts them.”  And it’s all summed up in 3 words that’s easy to say in the moment.

I think this can carry into life.  So many times we are dragged down by someone who is  irresponsible, inconsiderate, or just plain mean. Maybe it’s a former romantic partner, or an obnoxious clerk at the mall, or a co-worker.  We let people like this bring us down saying how we were wronged, or treated unfairly, or whatever the case may be.  Today I’m going to say the same thing to you, take someone better.  Don’t let someone bring you down unless you’re positive they are worth it. And they probably aren’t.


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