What Boxes Are You In?

A fish doesn’t know he’s in water.  Every single second of his life, every movement, he’s in water.  But, he doesn’t know it because it’s all he knows.  In fact the only thing you can do is lift him out and show him, causing extreme discomfort in the process.  I contend that we all do this somewhere in our life.  Maybe we think that all relationships take really hard work, so we seek out fixer-uppers and ignore something great right in front of us.  Maybe we think that being healthy means we have to spend twice as much on all organic food, so we continue to do so and we never go to restaurants.  Maybe we think that the only way to make a living is going to a job we dislike, so we are miserable for 9 hours every day.  

What boxes are you in?  Do you even know what is possible if you leave them? 


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