Who Is Invested In Your Happiness?

Kind of a trick question in the title because there’s only one good answer.  Sure there’s hopefully people in your life that care about you, but ultimately the answer is you.  No one out there is going to make you happy.  The only thing that will is you wanting it to happen.  

If you’re truly and honestly dedicated to being happy, then you’ll find that people around you help with this.  If you’re not dedicated to it, then everyone else is going to let you down.  So many of us look to others for it, whether we actively admit it or not.  My significant other is bringing me down.  My boss isn’t giving me good projects.  The waitress didn’t smile when she came over to greet us.  (Don’t laugh I’ve heard this recently!)

Who is invested in your happiness?  Happiness starts from within you.  Make it your priority and the world will help you get there.  


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