Victims Don’t Have Breakdowns

When you’re truly committed to changing your life, and not just making small incremental changes, breakdowns can occur.  I was speaking last night to someone who, before working with a coach, was in a relationship that wasn’t serving her.  To complicate things she also was working at his company, living at his house, and driving his car, and she recently left, all of it. Currently unemployed, without a car, and without a “permanent” residence, breakdowns can certainly occur, but you have to admire the way she did it.

A victim might instead save up to buy their own car, then a few months later look for a different job, then eventually get up the courage to move out.  Sure incremental progress like that is safer, but who is it serving?  Not to mention, how many of my readers believe that the incremental way would have her end up in a better situation?  Things aren’t easy right now but is there any doubt that a year from now she’ll be in a much better place?  (Likely much faster!)

Victims don’t have breakdowns.  They’re a sign of commitment, of serving your highest self, and of strength.  Maybe you can think about what would happen if you stop avoiding them.


One thought on “Victims Don’t Have Breakdowns

  1. I like that you talk about the higher self. We create our own realities, so the sooner in life we wake up to that fact the easier it is in the longer run.

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