Acknowledgement of Yourself Is a Good Habit

When you’re really living life, it can be uncomfortable at times.  Remember you are encouraged to leave your comfort zone, frequently.  While this often leads to huge success, this can also lead to breakdowns.  One difference I’ve really noticed between people who are drivers of their own life versus people who are at effect is that the latter usually is uncomfortable acknowledging themselves.  When asked to do so by a coach, they’ll say things like “ok I guess that was good but there’s so much more work to be done.”  This seems so foreign to a lot of people to acknowledge themselves, but if you aren’t willing to do it to yourself, then who will be?  And further, do you think this properly prepares you to do it to someone else?

Habits can be formed easier than you think.  I’ve read different things about duration needed to create it, but there’s definite agreement that somewhere between 21 and 60 days is enough.  So, today I challenge you to begin a new habit.  Spend the next two months acknowledging yourself.  Every evening, think of 3-5 things you did that day which were in service of being your highest self, and truly acknowledge yourself for doing them.  Then watch what changes in the rest of your life.

Acknowledgement of yourself is a good habit.  Try it on for size!


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