Real Communication Does Not Happen Online

I’ve been around a few examples this week where someone saw something online, and then made a decision on how things were based on that.  The truth is you never really know what you’re looking at online.  Someone’s Facebook profile is at best what they want the world to see, it’s not an accurate portrait of what they are doing every minute of the day.  Nowadays pictures can be uploaded without the person even intending to do so, there was an example of this with a politician in New York last week.  

In person communication comes with expressions, tones, and responses.  This is a big part of living.  Before jumping to any sort of conclusion, always find out what you’re really looking at.  Or, perhaps even better, don’t jump to any sort of conclusion at all, because it’s likely not serving you anyway.

Real communication does not happen online.  Always remember this when trying to decide what’s really happening.  



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