Where Do We Turn?

Today begins a government shutdown that will keep a lot of people out of work indefinitely.  From the outside it seems pretty clear what happened, there are two sides to a healthcare issue, and neither is really willing to budge.  That’s our view from the outside through media, and I don’t know how accurate that is, but it seems to be the truth.  Our government is supposed to be representing our interests.  It was created so our people can go about living their daily lives, and not spend all their time on things like laws and policies.  The change in how government operates over the last many years has been definite.  No longer is there empowerment, no longer is there our best interest in mind.  Instead there is blaming and fear, with every side trying to get their way and not budge.  These political parties don’t tell you what they want, they tell you what is wrong with what the other side wants.  Each “side” in this current dispute will continue blame the other, saying they are unwilling to budge and it’s all their fault.  

Can you imagine if well-run companies did that?  Showtime saying “Sorry no new episode of Homeland this week because our writers can’t agree on an ending” or Google search not working today because the people couldn’t agree how to sort results?  We are one country, but the people at the very top whose job it is to create compromises can’t even agree on a compromise.

Now more than ever, be reminded that you don’t have to follow their lead.  I’m deeply saddened and embarrassed that our government can’t get to there when they knew this was coming for months, but you still can.  Have your principles and stick to them.  Listen to new ideas and don’t automatically shut down because it’s different from yours.  Recognize that other people, while they care about you, are also out for their own best interests too, so make big decisions from this viewpoint.  And never blame others for why you aren’t living the life you want. 

Where do we turn?  To our own integrity. 


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