The Sky is Blue!

Some days we look outside and there’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s totally obvious that the sky is blue, and we love it. Other days the sky is filled with clouds, and we’re convinced that the sky is gray. Believe it or not, the sky is still blue on days like this too, we just don’t see it as easily. Clouds are always temporary, no matter where you live.  Storms are temporary too. Everything will blow away in time, but it doesn’t mean that the sky isn’t blue.

I contend that a lot of us have clouds like this in our heads as well.  There’s vision, but for whatever reason things are in our way.  Maybe it’s something traumatic from our past.  Maybe it’s fear of failure.  Maybe it’s a habit that you have too much trouble breaking.  Whatever you’re doing, solutions are within you.  The sky really is blue, it’s just a matter of moving those clouds.  Working with a coach helps push these clouds away, for good.  Decisions become easier to make because you’re thinking with clarity.  Big projects are easier to plan because there’s less obstacles.

The sky is blue!  Even when it’s cloudy.

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