Don’t Ask For Things, Ask For You

So often I see people resigned to the fact that they need something to happen for them to really be in business.  I need this job, I need a significant other, I need to lose 15 pounds, I need something external, then things will be ok.  Believe it or not, there’s very little that we need.  As perfect as one job may seem, there will be others if it doesn’t work out.  No matter how great your date went last night, you can be just fine regardless of whether they flake out or not.  

Instead of wanting external things, instead desire that you live in your essence.  Ask that you live as your highest self, and do what it takes to get there.  Take a path where you don’t blame others, a path where your top priority is being authentic to yourself, and everything will work out the way it should.

Don’t ask for things, ask for you.  When you are truly being you, things work out. 


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