No Action Is a Decision

Have you thought about doing something, or moving on from something, yet you still haven’t?  Maybe it’s a job you know you want to move on from, but you haven’t, suddenly it’s a year later.  Maybe you are in a relationship with someone that you know will end, but you are still hanging onto it for whatever reason.  Or maybe there’s some trip you’re just dying to take, and you keep telling yourself next year.

You’ll never be as young as you are right now.  Even beyond that fact, your time on this planet is finite, it doesn’t last forever.  By “holding tight” and not taking action, you are making a decision.  I’m not saying no action is necessarily wrong, but I am saying you need to look at it as a decision.  If it’s not an empowering decision for you when you look at it this way, then you need to think about changing it, even if it means leaving your comfort zone.

No action is a decision.  Treat it as such.


One thought on “No Action Is a Decision

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