Potential is Great … But Don’t Live There Completely

It’s great to see the potential in things.  Maybe you have an idea for a business, and by sticking to it you can likely do something great.  Maybe you’ve met someone with whom you see a great relationship in the future.  All this is great!  Vision like this can really be a gift, and it is certainly better than seeing everything as a dead end.   All this being said, don’t lose sight of the present.  You’re still living in the present right now, and you always will be.  That’s an important thing to remember.  Sports fans know this all too well, a team comes into the season with talented players and lots of promise, then they start out 1-5 and everything is lost.  Business people face similar things, all looks great for the year until the government shuts down, or a blizzard shuts your doors on what would have been a great day.

Potential is great … but don’t live there completely.  Live in the present, and let your vision of potential be what guides you.

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