Embrace The Past, Whatever Is There

Watching the government shutdown continue with no resolution in sight brings up an interesting thought.  In today’s information age, one can’t run for office with anything imperfect in their past.  With all the resources available, investigators will find anything, even something 20 years ago is easy to find and will disqualify someone from running for office.  And by some crazy coincidence, government is more dysfunctional than it ever has been throughout history, they appear unable to even understand what it is to compromise.  It is very sad that we are constantly looking to our elected officials for how NOT to live and behave, but that is the world we live in today.  

Your past made you who you are.  Every single barrier you had to overcome, whether it was created by your own mistakes or not, made you stronger.  It educated you, and made you the unique human being that you are.  Every event that is in your memory has shaped you in some way.  Own it, be proud of it, and move forward.  Similarly, don’t hold the past of others against them.  While it’s admirable for someone to have “perfection” in their past, it absolutely does not mean they are guaranteed to be more successful than someone who does not.  

Embrace the past, whatever is there.  It made us strong and unique, and cleaner is not necessarily better.  


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