There is Nothing Like Home Cooking

Today’s world is filled with so many requests from so many places, we are all “busy” and have a long list of things to do. That doesn’t mean we can’t cook our own food.  Cooking a great meal yourself is incredibly rewarding, and you’ll enjoy your own food even more than an expensive restaurant.  Further, when you cook, you know exactly what you’re eating.  Do it right and there’s no long list of added preservatives which are usually put in food just to keep it fresh longer at restaurants.  Cooking is a great way to spend time with family, or a significant other, or with friends.  

Today’s information age makes it even easier to cook, because there are recipes everywhere.  You can load it on your smartphone at the supermarket so you don’t forget anything.  If you’re sitting with lots of extra tomatoes, you can google “recipes with tomatoes” to figure out a great way to use them.

All of this isn’t even mentioning the effects that processed food can have on your mood and your energy levels.  Better food means more energy, better health, and better life, processed food means fatigue, illness, and irritability.  

There is nothing like home cooking.  You only get one chance on this planet, why not spend it being happy and healthy?  


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