People Want Purpose

It’s always interesting to look around at leaders of successful companies, or anyone who seems to “have it all.”  The founder of Facebook is worth multiple billions of dollars.  He could retire today and still set up a trust fund for every one of his children and grandchildren with no problem, yet he’s still extremely active in running his company.  Same goes for the founders of Google, and thousands of others.  

There is a good lesson to be taken from these successful people, the reason they don’t quit is for their purpose.  They want to have a place for their talents to be realized.  They want to make a difference.  Even though they can likely choose to do anything they want, they choose to continue making a difference. 

What is your purpose?  Are you aware of it?  If so, how much of your life is spent working towards it?  If not, do you want to find out?  People want purpose.  This is why working with a coach is so valuable, someone who helps you find your purpose, and holds you to it, leads you to live the life you truly want to live.


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