What Is Really Going On?

What is it you really want in your life?  Seriously, stop to think about this before you give an answer, and visualize it.  Now, think about what you are doing to get it.  If someone was to “invisibly” follow you around for a week, what would this person say you are committed to doing or having?  How much work and effort are you putting towards your big thing?

So often as a coach, I see someone really wanting something.  Then, as soon as there is hard work involved, or as soon as there is a choice required, they decide they don’t really want it, and have a list of reasons saying so.  My question for you is “what is really going on?”  Do you really want this thing?  If so, what has you stopping short of doing whatever you can to get there?  What will it take for you to restart?

What is really going on?  You have only one life to live on this planet, so I’d suggest you figure this out sooner than later.  


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