Why Fit In?

Most people walking around don’t want to be just like everyone else.  We humans are all unique creatures.  We aren’t on this planet to fit in and do something just because everyone else does it.  When Steve Jobs released the iPad, I’m fairly certain he didn’t say “this will be a great way for Apple to continue producing products just like everyone else’s.”  Same with Adele making music, or Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook, they and many others decided to do something completely different, and did it with tremendous results.

Most people rush around, almost always busy with things.  People generally avoid risks to stay in their comfort zone.  People often put their work above their own well-being. Many people don’t consider themselves successful unless others say so.  Remember all of this is a choice.  If it means that much to you to fit in, then choose to be like everyone else.  If not, then make an empowered choice to be different.

Why fit in?  It’s a good question!


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