Greatness Doesn’t Find You

Over the last year I’ve spoken to many people, asking what it is they want and what they are doing to get it.  One thing I often here is to the effect of “I don’t need to work hard for that, things will work out.”  While things likely will work out in time, that doesn’t mean you can’t push toward it yourself.  This is the difference between being a driver and a passenger of your life.

Greatness doesn’t find you.  While it would be amazing to suddenly find out the car you’re driving is a magic rocket, or your backyard happens to be on top of a hidden oil source, the odds of this are not good.  If you want to live a great life, you need to be the catalyst.  Don’t settle for just being good, and don’t settle for saying that something will eventually come your way.  Find greatness if you want it, greatness won’t find you.  


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