Be Authentic and Fear Goes Away

I hear a lot from people that they are afraid that people will find out about some aspect of their life.  Maybe they are ashamed of something or someone in their past.  Maybe they have some relative or friend about whom they feel embarrassed.  Maybe they have a strange car, or they aren’t always in love with their job, or they enjoy a certain reality show.   

First a reminder.  Your past and your experience makes you who you are, and that is a great thing.  If you overcame something big, or had trouble, that is great!  Congress is made up of people who were squeaky clean for their whole lives, and we see how that is working out.  Second, the lesson here is to own all of it.  Everything which makes up you, be happy about it.  Be proud of everything about you, because if you’re not then no one else will be.  If you’re afraid that people are going to find skeletons in your closet, then you aren’t truly being you.

Be authentic and the fear goes away.  Own who you are, fully and completely.


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