Letting Thoughts of Others Hold You Back Is Your Choice

Are you someone who is often bothered by the choices of others?  I’m not talking about choices which directly hurt you, but the ones which are in the “they are hurting themselves” category.  Someone who isn’t studying hard, or is goofing off at work, or keeps dating the wrong people, or is a few milligrams above their target weight, or is featured on certain reality shows.  (Sorry I couldn’t resist that last one!)

First, always remember to respect their path.  Every single person in the world has different context.  Maybe they need to learn some lesson by doing, maybe you are completely misinterpreting their actions because you’re putting it in your context.  Whatever the case may be, you don’t know and you never truly will.

Second, remember that thoughts like this hold you back.  You already know that you can’t change their behavior, so recognize that the thoughts you are having are thoughts which could be spent elsewhere. Successful people do not spend most of their day thinking about things they cannot control.

Letting thoughts of others hold you back is your choice.  Recognize this, then decide if you want to continue to make it.


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