Gratitude is a Muscle

I know I’ve written something like this before but it’s Thanksgiving, so a great time to repeat.  Muscles are what we as humans use to get things done, and the great thing about muscles is that the more you use them, the bigger and more accessible they get.  Do a lot of squats and your quadriceps get bigger, therefore making your leg strength more accessible the next time you help a friend move their sofa, or pick up a child. 

Gratitude is no different.  By practicing gratitude, we get better and stronger at using it.  The next time we are in a situation which may benefit from gratitude, the easier it is to live from there.  Coming from gratitude is a huge key to happiness, if you are truly grateful to someone then there is no room in your heart for anger.  

Gratitude is a muscle.  Remember that on Thanksgiving and keep remembering throughout the year. 



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