Why Hire A Coach?

I find it so ironic how this country operates over Thanksgiving.  We spend one day giving thanks for everything that we have, then the next day (or new this year, the next hour) fighting each other to save a few dollars on scarce products.  Not only were there thousands of people in every city waiting in lines, there were many reported fights, arrests, and even deaths while people were bickering over a deal.  Clearly there is an inconsistency here.

I have heard the same thing from every single client I’ve worked with at one time or another: “I understand what I need to do, and why I need to do it, but actually doing it is another story.”  I have heard it as it pertains to dieting, or building a business, or improving a relationship.  I would love to hear it as it pertains to continuing to live from gratitude for more than one day (or apparently now, for more than one hour).  This is one illustration of why hiring a coach can be so valuable. A coach will guide you as you discover what is in your way of continuing to live the way you want, and you change it for good.  A coach will stand for you to continue shifting your perspective, so your wish of living differently, in whatever way you wished, will come true.  Your mood and attitude will change, as will your belief in what is possible.  

Why hire a coach?  Because when you change yourself, you change your entire world. 



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