Love People Anyway

When everything is going great, it’s so easy to love.  Today is about those times when things aren’t.  Maybe you’re a leader and people you are leading are not doing what was asked.  Maybe you’re in a relationship and your partner did something which got under your skin.  Maybe you’re a parent and your kids don’t always listen.  It is very easy to blame others when things didn’t go as you wanted them to go.  Maybe the other person really was wrong, and the current situation is completely their fault.  Ultimately does it matter who is at fault?  Even further, what is the goal of this type of blame?  Crying over spilled milk can be therapeutic at times but it certainly doesn’t help you move forward.  Regardless of fault or blame, consider loving people anyway.  Respond from there and create a partnership instead of blame, then watch what changes in the future.  

Love people anyway.  It’s a great way to change your life.  



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