It is Always About Who You Are Being

Yesterday was the passing of Nelson Mandela.  I googled his name and found dozens of timeless quotes that could make for meaningful sharing.  Here’s one I particularly liked: “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”  

Every single situation in which you are ever involved is completely different, depending on how you react.  If someone lets you down, it is your choice whether to hold it against them, or to relate to them as perfect and move forward from there.  One of these ways will likely have a positive result, the other not so much.  If a place or activity doesn’t excite you like it once did, it is your choice whether to continue to be unexcited or to find a way to enjoy it.  The place or activity is staying the same.  The same goes with holding grudges, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years, when released there was no grudge or revenge, only moving forward.  The result was one of the greatest lives in human history, despite all the years lost behind bars.

It is always about who you are being.  Be love.  Don’t hold grudges.  Don’t place blame.  And if you’d like, make the choice to be great. 



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