Enjoy The Moment Fully

Today for many of us is a snow day.  One thing I heard from a client was that when they heard this, they immediately said that they need to find stuff and get it done today since they were gifted a day off.  What was a wonderful gift from nature suddenly became pressure to complete more.  I would hear the same thing as a yoga instructor, people would miss class for something fun and come back the next week feeling awful about it.  Today I’m going to ask you to instead enjoy the moment.  If you want to have a day of laying in bed doing nothing, then do it.  Same goes if you’d like to skip out on something important.  Don’t eat a big piece of chocolate cake if all you are going to do is feel bad about the calories, enjoy the cake!  

Enjoy the moment fully.  The only real requirement of my request is that whatever it is you choose to do, do it without worrying about what you are NOT doing.  Let me know how it goes!



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