There Is Often Not A Right Decision

Sometimes you just need to make a decision.  Maybe you’re choosing between two jobs, or thinking of leaving one for another.  Maybe you’re in a relationship and it’s approaching a time to move forward or move on.   Maybe you’re cooking dinner for friends and you can’t decide what to make.  Whatever the case may be, the truth is you’ll never know which one is “right” or not.  There is no way to replay history and decide if you would have been correct.  The only thing you can do is find out exactly what information you need, get this information, and trust yourself to make a decision with no regrets.

You always have three choices as it pertains to making a decision.  You can make a decision which empowers you, you can make a choice which disempowers you, or you can make no choice, which by default disempowers you.  There is often not a right decision, but there is almost always one empowering one.


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