Having Goals Creates Progress

When I work with clients, I insist that they have goals.  Goals don’t have to be completely tangible, but they have to be there.  One reason is that motivation can often fall without them.  Having goals forces things into the forefront.  Goals force you to leave your comfort zone at times, because otherwise they wouldn’t be goals, they’d be completed projects.  Whether you ever work with me or not, I encourage you to take this to your entire life.  If you find that you are unmotivated at work, set goals there.  Whether they are set by your supervisor or not, things will be created.  Same goes for your romantic life, or your fitness and health, or anything in your life.  Set goals and you’ll discover what needs to change in order to not just coast to things, and in the meantime motivation will likely form on its own.

Having goals creates progress.  It’s a great idea to have them in every walk of life.



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