An Enhancement to New Year’s Resolutions

I am back from a wonderful vacation in Jamaica, and I hope all of my readers had a great week.  For many people, the new year comes with resolutions.  This is the year we will lose weight, find a spouse, stop biting our nails, stop complaining, or hundreds of other things.  We admirably set these resolutions, then something happens and by February 1st it is completely forgotten.  Today I am going to offer you an enhancement.

First of all, instead of just saying “lose weight this year” as your resolution, or whatever the case may be, come up with a list of benefits.  Make sure you realize how green the grass is on the other side of the wall in front of you.  Second, have a specific plan of action.  If you are going to stop biting your nails this year, then have an exact statement of what is going to be different on January 1st that will have you stop biting your nails.  Finally, the most fun step, write a journal entry as yourself, one year from now.  This entry should be at least one full page, and instead of just writing things like “I’m so skinny I need new clothes,” write things about who you are being.  What is different about you now that you’ve lost weight?  What would that changed person write that today’s person would not?  Put yourself in the situation where your resolution is already complete, and write from there.

When you design actions and visions with the intent of having things change, your world will change. 


One thought on “An Enhancement to New Year’s Resolutions

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