Looking to Stop a Bad Habit?

This is the time of year when many of us name habits which are not serving us, and we truly want to cease. Maybe you’re a nail-biter, you say the word “like” too often, you can’t resist the ice cream place next door to you, or you can’t stop thinking about an ex-partner.  One method which often works with clients is referred to as bankruptcy.  Here we literally just go nuts with the habit for some period of time, whether it is a day or a week or a month, and then we get to a point where we need to stop it.  For example, if the goal is to stop visiting an ice cream place so often, then the process would be to go there and eat so much that another bite is impossible.  You likely won’t feel too great that night, but if it keeps you out of there in the future then you’ve done something great for the long run.  Believe it or not, something similar can work for many types of behavior.  As long as the process is carried out with the proper intent of breaking a habit which one truly wants to break, it can be very effective.  

Looking to stop a bad habit?  Consider bankruptcy, and watch things change for good.


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