Always Try to Think Win-Win

The more you live in this world, the more you’re going to realize that not everything can go the way that everyone wants.  Unless you choose to not leave your home, your life is going to consist of interactions with many people who all want very different things.  Sometimes insufficient resources force us to compromise, sometimes the weather decides to change our plans, and sometimes there’s just only one way that something can be done.  My invitation for you today is to try to think in terms of win-win.  When it is clear that a compromise must be made, sit together and be open about what everyone wants out of the situation.  Then decide how everyone can think of it as a win.  It may require being creative, it WILL require that you understand all parties involved, and it is a great way to create a partnership.

Always try to think win-win.  It’s a great way to be with others, and it’s part of being alive.  


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