Avoid “I’m Always …” Statements

One thing I often hear from clients is definitive statements of how they are.  I’m always the one who is left out, I’m always on the outside looking in, I’m always the first one to be ready to go home, I’m always the one who gets broken up with first, and I could go on for hours.  First of all, remember that you create your own reality.  If you’re so completely convinced of the “fact” that you are the one who gets broken up with first that you need to go around telling people this is the case, then you are likely going to keep making sure it’s the case.  Second, decide what thoughts are empowering or not.  If you are disempowered by the thought that you are always the one left out, then any time you spend thinking this is time you are spending disempowered.  Third, remember that you do have the power to change, whether you do or not is the choice you make.  You can likely be one way for a long time, or you can change, but remember that is your choice.

Avoid “I’m always ..” statements.  They are usually disempowering, they hold you in the same place, and they just aren’t true. 


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