If You Don’t Like The Rules, Change The Game

Today is a great day to remember how great of a man Martin Luther King, Jr. was.  We could write about how great he was every day for years and still not do justice. One thing I always remember is learning in grade school how he knew it was wrong being forced to ride in the back of the bus.  His reaction wasn’t to complain, it wasn’t to respond with confrontation, it was just to encourage people to stop riding buses until the rule was changed.  He didn’t like the rules and so he decided to change the game.  Any other reaction would only “confirm” racial beliefs at the time and wouldn’t have changed anything.  The strides that the entire human race has taken since then are enormous and permanent.

Where can this happen in your life?  What part of your life is unfavorable, or you would like to see it change?  Are you reacting to it by complaining or confronting?  What if you did something different, would things change for good then?

If you don’t like the rules, change the game.  It worked for a lot of great people, it can work for you too.



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