When You Leave Your Past Is Your Choice

Clients often bring a complete desire to leave their past behind.  Maybe it’s an ex-lover, a job they are going to leave, a place they lived, or they are starting a diet.  Whatever the case may be, I’m talking about a situation where you have made the decision to move on, but you haven’t moved on, yet.

Whatever it is you have decided you will leave behind, remember it is your choice WHEN you can leave it.  It will never be an easy decision to stop speaking with an ex-lover.  It will never be an easy choice to stop eating doughnuts, or to move across the country.  But, if you’ve already decided that this is something which will happen, then the only decision is when.  Just like ripping off a band-aid, it is going to have to happen so why not sooner than later?

When you leave your past is your choice.  Make it from an empowering place!

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