Your Energy Is Finite

When something isn’t working for you, it tends to drain you.  This can be a relationship, a job, a new workout, anything.  Maybe this is because you are incomplete on the past, maybe this is because it truly isn’t for you no matter what happens.  But, it drains you.  Your energy is a limited resource, you only have so much.  If you’d like to spend it being drained on something which doesn’t work that is your choice, but I invite you to try it elsewhere.  Either take responsibility and change a relationship so it doesn’t drain you, or completely get out of situations which drain you.  However you proceed, remember you don’t need a “reason” to justify such a change.  You get to choose how you expend all of your energy.

Your energy is finite.  Spend it on drains or spend it moving forward toward great things, the choice is yours.


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