Creating Games Keeps Us Safe?

Some people play everything completely safe.  They don’t take risks when it comes to things like investments or work.  They stay in a relationship which they aren’t completely in because it means less loss when it ends.  Maybe they aren’t in perfect health but they are avoiding getting treatment!  As someone gets really good at this game, they will create air-tight reasons why they aren’t trying.  “Oh I really wanted to open my own business but an article on Yahoo said the economy wasn’t quite perfect at the time.”  Whatever the case may be, they’ll always have a list of reasons why trying is a bad idea.  

One thing I’ve learned as a coach is that people create their own games, and they usually do so because it helps them declare that they’re doing ok in one facet or another.  I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but if you’re one of these people then I strongly encourage you to examine what your payoff is.  We don’t play a game unless we’re getting something out of it, so what is your reward?  Is it worth it?  

Creating games keeps us safe?  Perhaps, but is that what you really want?


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