Abundance is a Great Place to Be

One thing which can often be an interesting gauge of happiness is how you feel about peers.  Whether it is competition in business, other students in class, or another person at the bar looking at the same potential mate, it is very interesting to notice how you feel about these peers.  Would you like your peer to succeed?  Would you like to see them succeed, after you do?  Would you like to see them fail?  Again, this is completely meant as a gauge to identify the place from where you are coming, not to make you wrong for any thoughts you may have.  Abundance means there is enough for everyone.  Your success or failure does not affect mine.  Coming from here also makes much more possible, the context of “me or you” is very limiting.  It certainly doesn’t allow for a win-win to occur without a large shift.

Abundance is a great place to be. I invite you to come from there for a little bit and see what changes.


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