Conduct Autopsies Without Blame

The title today comes courtesy of Jim Collins, in his outstanding book Good to Great.  We all have situations where things don’t go as we wanted them to go.  Maybe we lost a job, or we didn’t listen when we really need to, or we spent a weekend being derailed from our diet, or we missed out on a big opportunity.  All of these things can be learning opportunities of course, we all hopefully realize that is the case.  The learning opportunity comes after the autopsy, when we figure out exactly what happened.  Today I invite you to continue to do such an autopsy, but to do it without blame.  We acted as we saw fit at that time.  We can be hard on ourselves for making bad decisions, or we can diagnose what happened without emotion, and acknowledge that we are humans.  One way involves creating stress and pain for yourself, the other opens the door to learning and moving forward.

Conduct autopsies without blame.  We are human beings, and as such we aren’t perfect.  Forgive yourself for being human, and avoid a lot of stress in the process. 


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