Waiting For a Fire?

One interesting thing I often hear from prospective clients is that things are fine right now. Maybe they made the decision that they had to move onto a new career, then things weren’t so bad this month so everything is ok now.  Maybe they are in the wrong relationship and know that the person isn’t “the one” but they put off moving on for an extended period of time.   Maybe they decided to run a marathon but then decided that they are in good enough shape as it is.

The fact is that as humans, we often wait to stop doing something until we can’t afford to do it anymore.  Even though we know the day will come that we do stop this thing, and even though truly moving forward is not possible until after we stop, we still don’t stop until something goes really wrong and we are forced to act out of desperation.

Waiting for a fire?  Would you like to make a more empowered decision?


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