Climb the Brick Walls

Most of Turks and Caicos exists on one island named Providenciales.  On this island there are magnificent beaches, amazing food, and lots of culture. While there, we were told about the wonderful beach on another island named Mudjin Harbor, truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.  No airplane flies there easily, one must take a ferry from Providenciales to North Caicos, rent a car, and drive it 40 minutes to Middle Caicos.  Driving is on the left side of the road, and the roads are not great.  Many people on their vacation would say this is too much hassle or doesn’t sound relaxing enough.  Being a fan of adventures wherever I can find them, of course I wanted to go. The reward for this was an incredible place almost to ourselves.

Obstacles are always going to be in the way of things you really want.  If there were no obstacles to something, then many others would have or do the same thing and it wouldn’t be the same. How we handle the obstacles in our way is our choice.  We can talk ourselves out of it and say we’re fine where we are, or we can take a big leap and do something that our heart really wants.  There’s nothing wrong with being happy where we are, but something had us think about more.

Climb the brick walls.  They are one of the best parts of life.


Photo taken by Amy Frankel


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