Living in Limbo is a Lifestyle

There are times when we face big decisions, whether it is in career, relationships, relocating, buying a vehicle, hiring a coach, etc.. Certainly all big decisions require thought.  We owe it to ourselves to weigh all options to truly see what works best for us.  However, don’t make too much of a habit of being in this limbo phase.  Being in limbo keeps you from living in the moment, because it has you thinking about scenarios which won’t happen.  Being in limbo is also a habit, studies have shown that we can literally train our brain to be in this unsure state and that will have us seek it out more.   When facing a decision, decide whatever factors are the important ones to you, and then make the decision.  Don’t worry about what you are missing, because what you chose is where you are living.

Living in limbo is a lifestyle.  Is it the lifestyle you want?


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