You Always Have Another Choice

As you may have heard, today is Valentine’s Day.  I did a little informal survey last night and heard from a lot of people who truly dislike it because they feel it brings pressure.  Something to the effect of “society says we need to buy an expensive card, bad-for-you chocolates, and an expensive dinner, therefore I do not enjoy it” is what I frequently heard.  Today I am here to tell you that you can choose something different.

Being at effect is one choice.  When you are at effect, you let outside factors dictate your decision. Maybe you buy things that you don’t want or need, and you blame society.  Maybe you enroll your partner in being “anti-Valentine’s Day” and subsequently avoid stores or restaurants which have the audacity to take part.  Whatever the case may be, you can make the choice to be at effect.

Another choice is to be at cause.  Being at cause likely involves enrolling your partner in a win-win, something which makes both of you happy and excited.  Maybe instead of a dinner only one of you will enjoy, you go to a restaurant which excites both of you.  Maybe instead of something “traditionally” romantic you start your own tradition, like skiing, or traveling.  Maybe instead of buying chocolates, you learn to make a new dish together.  The number of potential ideas here is limitless, all it takes is somebody who wants to choose to be at cause instead of being victimized.

You always have another choice.  Enjoy Valentine’s Day, enjoy every day, by choosing to be excited.


Photo by Amy Frankel


2 thoughts on “You Always Have Another Choice

  1. Hey Dave, I love the message! I would like to pose another too! There are other choices on the spectrum of embracing Valentines day, not just anti-Valentine’s day. One can go on about their day like any other. It can be challenging to go against the societal norms, but we don’t have to take the opposite position….

    I wish I could have articulated that better, but I think you get the gist… I’m not a practiced writer like yourself!

    Cheers! Kev

  2. Thank you Kevin you are absolutely right. I usually try to say to the effect of “and lots of other choices” whenever I list examples, but I really did make it sound like there are only two choices here. I hope you create something great today whatever that may be.

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