Say it With Conviction

You are a powerful person.  I can say this with certainty because it is true for every single person on this planet.  Human beings are blessed with a wonderful ability to make complex decisions, to weigh pros and cons and decide using whatever criteria we see fit.  This is a power that we can choose to use, or we can choose to give away to others.

We all know people who are not as strong when making decisions.  They seek advice, they seek approval of others, and they are never fully decided because of what might be missed.  Think of anyone you know like this, then think of words you would use to describe them.  I contend that “powerful” would not be one of these words.

Today my invitation for you is to not be one of these people, and instead to use the power that you were gifted from birth.  When faced with a decision, declare exactly what is needed for you to decide, find out the details, and then make the decision without worry of what path wasn’t taken.  Being unsure gives all of your power to others.

Say it with conviction.  You were born with power, would you like to use it or to give it away?


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