Ask Others How They Are Feeling

Yesterday I read a wonderful article about elephants.  We have known for a long time about their level of intelligence.  Not only do they form social groups and show emotions, there are several videos on YouTube of elephants painting beautiful pictures.  As the study found, elephants comfort each other when they are feeling stressed.  Their bodies usually show it visually, whether it is with a raised tail, or a slumping trunk, or other body language.  After one elephant expresses a need for comforting, other elephants come over and do things like touch trunks, comforting the one who is stressed in the process.

Humans can learn a lot from this.  A lot of us are conditioned to not let others know when we are stressed, overwhelmed, or sad.  Many people keep it inside and don’t get support we might greatly benefit from receiving, whether it is in the form of help with tasks, supportive words, or maybe even a hug.  Reaching out for and receiving support is standard among elephants, it should be standard for us too.  

Ask others how they are feeling, and let others know how you are feeling.  Elephants do it, so can we.  Maybe we don’t have erect tails to help others visualize but we do have words, and we have many, many ways to be supportive. 


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