Not Everything Has Deep Meaning

Often clients will express that they aren’t sure what another person meant by some action.  Of course, that doesn’t stop many people from analyzing it from every angle possible.  “They took 11 minutes to answer a text instead of 10, that means they aren’t interested.  They asked what outfit is appropriate, that means they want to look good for me.  My boss asked me a question, so they likely think I’m the next VP of the company.”  As funny as this sounds right now, a lot of us have a habit of doing things like this all the time.

The reality is that we don’t know what the other person was thinking, and we never will.  We can ask, which doesn’t always have great effects and doesn’t guarantee that we get the truth.  Even if we do know exactly what the other person was thinking, we still have a different context than they do, so assigning it our own meaning tends to not work.  Today I invite you to try something different.  Instead of worrying about all the meaning, just continue living.  Whatever the other person meant by whatever the other person did, keep living in the moment and don’t spend your thoughts analyzing the actions of others.  Not only will it save a lot of time, but it allows you to think about moving forward instead of thinking about what happened in the past.

Not everything has deep meaning.  Don’t make a habit of looking for it.  


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