Breakthroughs Are Not Incremental

Working with a coach pushes your boundaries in service of you.  Without pushing boundaries, major change doesn’t happen.  By ourselves, we mostly stay in our comfort zone.  Without anyone there to push us out of our comfort zone, we usually make incremental progress.  This is why to anyone who really is seeking a real change, I recommend working with a coach.

Often I’ll hear things like “I don’t need a coach, I am making progress.”  When I hear this, my first question is always about whether or not the progress is incremental.  Moving forward is great, but if you want a true breakthrough then incremental steps likely won’t do it.  As an analogy, picture living in an apartment, but wanting to live in a mansion.  Sure, you can get rid of some things in your apartment to make more room, but no matter how much you throw out, you will not be living in a mansion unless you literally move out of the apartment.  This move is likely out of your comfort zone, but without the move you never would have left the apartment, only modified it.  We imitate this in many different facets of our life, whether it’s career, or relationships, or health.

Breakthroughs are not incremental.  If you find yourself wanting something much different than what you’re getting, whether it’s in relationships, or career, or your health, big steps are going to be needed.  I highly recommend hiring a coach, but even if you do not remember that you need to leave your comfort zone for it to happen.


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