Move on Gracefully

Last night I ended up watching reality TV for a bit.  I realize most of what we see is heavily edited, and interactions are often created by the producers as opposed to happening naturally, but let’s take what happened at face value.  Three women were left to try to win the heart of one man, but one remaining woman voluntarily left, mainly citing his behavior as the reason.  She then confronted him with the apparent goal of making sure that he knew that she didn’t like his behavior, demanding an apology and an admission of wrong-doing.

I contend that similar situations happen frequently.  Someone makes the decision to cut ties with someone else, whether it’s a romantic partner, or a friend, or in business.  Certainly we hear about this as people quit jobs, or are released from employment.  As a human being, you always have the right to decide to move on.  As your coach I might help you make sure this is really what you want and there is no chance of creating a better partnership, but it is still your decision.

Once you make this decision, move on gracefully.  Just because you disagreed with another person does not mean that you now have to agree for there to be a resolution.   First of all, it is very unlikely the other person will agree.  Second, the agree/disagree context is limiting to begin with, it doesn’t allow for growth.  Third, your making the other person wrong is only an attempt to shift the responsibility from you to them, whatever happened between you involved two parties and your role in that is never insignificant.  

Move on gracefully.  If you make the decision to move on from someone, do it with good energy. You do not need to agree with someone for there to be peace. 


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