Awareness is a Gift

Many of us hate finding out that we did something we maybe didn’t want to do, so much that we feel things toward the messenger.  We say something in the moment that hurts someone and don’t realize until later that it was hurtful.  We delete an important file, and don’t realize it’s gone until we go to look for it the next day.  We eat something thinking it’s healthy and it turns out to be very much not.  We leave the bathroom with tissue firmly stuck to our shoe, and are heading to an important meeting.  Or to bottom line it, we realize that if we handled a situation differently, then a likely better result would be occurring.

It is about to be a new week, and a new month, and soon a new season, so today I am going to ask all my readers for a pledge.  The next time someone gives you awareness, be thankful.  Treat the person like they just gave you a gift, because they did.  Maybe the method of delivery from the person who gave it wasn’t perfect, maybe they said it in a manner which is condescending or angry, maybe they didn’t use the exact tone of voice that you would have used.  Regardless of how it is delivered to you, pledge to be grateful for the awareness.  You would hopefully appreciate someone who tells you that it’s pouring before you leave the house in a white shirt with no umbrella, show exactly the same appreciation for someone who takes the time to let you know that your words were hurtful the last time you spoke.

Awareness is a gift.  Without it, behavior can’t change.  Be grateful for gifts, no matter how they are given. 


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